10 Valuable Resources in Victoria BC for Helping with Downsizing

Downsizing in Victoria, BC can be a substantial task, and utilizing local resources can help streamline the process, making it more manageable and less stressful. Whether you're looking to declutter, sell items, or find a smaller home, here are some valuable resources you might consider:

1. Real Estate Agencies

  • Pemberton Holmes: Specializes in the Victoria market with experienced realtors who understand the nuances of downsizing & offers personalized services to help find smaller homes or condos that fit downsizing needs.

2. Senior Move Managers

3. Estate Sale and Auction Services

4. Local Charities for Donations

5. Junk Removal Services

6. Storage Solutions

  • U-Haul Storage Victoria: Offers various sizes of storage units for items you want to keep but don't have space for immediately with multiple locations.
  • Sentinel Storage Victoria: Storage place in central Victoria. 

7. Organizing Professionals

8. Legal and Financial Advice

  • Genesis Law Group: Specializes in legal services for seniors, including downsizing and estate planning.
  • Victoria Tax Law Group: Offers financial advice that could be beneficial when dealing with the implications of selling property or large-scale downsizing.

9. Local Online Marketplaces

10. Community and Government Resources

Utilizing these resources can help make your downsizing journey in Victoria, BC, more organized and less overwhelming. Always remember to check reviews and ask for recommendations to ensure you find services that match your specific needs and preferences.

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