Frequently Asked  Questions 

When it comes to finding and buying a home, there is so much detail in the process that Buyers can get confused. It's important to look out for your best interests & that you have a good understanding of what to expect and how we can protect you. 

Everyday the laws in BC change, including real estate laws. Buyers need to be fully informed and communications transparent. This is the biggest deal of your life! 
Let's make it count. 
Assisting Buyers with Pemberton Holmes in Victoria BC - Janine Thomson

At what stage should I be contacting you as my agent for help? 

I'd like to hear from you as soon as you know that your wanting to buy a home. That way I can set you up on a search directly with our MLS and have current listings sent to you. 
This is one of the greatest tools to do your research and browse accordingly to your interests. Therefore you can review at your own leisure and "favourite" any homes that you may like. 
I can also keep my eyes out for anything similar and by 'favouriting" the homes you like, I have a pretty good idea what appeals to you. 
By this method, I don't have to harass you and can give you he time and freedom to do your research. 
I will always work on your timeline, and the longer you can see how I respect your time and goals, the more confident you will be about hiring me when the time is right for you. 

When should I start to visit homes? 

If you know you want to be moved into your home within the next 3-4 months, and have been pre-approved with your lenders, its time to set a date and meet each other and start the home search process. 

If your planning 6 months or more from now, then we can still review everything through a call and get you on a search site. Once in awhile, I will reach out to you to see how everything is going with your search, asking about your "must haves" & "must nots?" 

Why do we need to meet?

It is very important for both of us to see that we communicate well together, like each other and that you trust what I have to say or advise. 
Buying a home in very involved, with lots of questions, emotions, conversations, advise and so forth, we need to make sure we can work together well. 
Anyone can find you a home, write an offer and hand over the keys on closing. But my concern is always about 'trust' and 'solidarity.' 
I want my buyers to trust my advice, and through negotiations I may have to wear 2 hats. One that may play hard ball and one that may take a slower approach. Whatever reason, I need you to trust my negotiations and communications with you, and that I am looking our for your best interests at all times and getting you the best price possible. 

Who should be at the meeting?

It is important that everyone who is a part of the purchase decision and who's names will be on the offer/title, should attend. Anyone who has the influence must be part of the process from beginning to the end. Otherwise, we may satisfy some but not all and we end up, mainly doing circles. 

Do I need to sign a contract at the meeting?

The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that we both feel we can work together well. I would never expect you to commit to me upon our first time together, so the meeting is more of an introductory to my services & what sets me apart from other agents. You get to see me in action and to evaluate my communication skills, energy and knowledge before hand. After our meeting, we can view a home at no obligation & no cost to you. 

What do I need to do before we look at homes?

I will ask you to complete a short questionnaire that I will send you about your home buying goals. Its critical for me to know what your needs are, thus getting to know you better. writing these goals down also helps you as a buyer to drive the process forward. 

I like your communication and want to work with you....

What do we do next?

You need to get pre approved for a mortgage. There is no point looking at a homes until we both know what you can afford. This is also a clear sign that you are serious about a home purchase and are ready. This pre-approval is also a perfect indication to a prospective seller that you mean business and sellers want to see that during an offer situation. Its in your best interest and favour!

I have a busy schedule, are you available and flexible?

I often have more than one buyer client at a time and mostly everyone wants to visit on weekends. So when we are first starting out, we need to determine the market at the time; busy or slow, view your work schedule and then schedule outings. This way, I ensure every buyer gets quality time, attention and reliable service. 
Once we have been showing a few homes, we will find that you are able to narrow down what you want in a home. Thereafter, its best to 'jump' on a home as soon as it is available. We want to be the first to view, before everyone else has a chance. The more buyers that view, the more chances of an offer being submitted. 

Let's find your perfect home! Contact me today!

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