Best Fish & Chips in Victoria & Sidney BC

Victoria & Sidney BC, have several places renowned for their delicious fish and chips. Here are a few popular spots:

  1. Red Fish Blue Fish: This waterfront eatery offers sustainably sourced seafood, including excellent fish and chips. The food is served out of a converted cargo container right on the wharf, giving it a unique and charming atmosphere.

  2. Finest at Sea Ocean Products: This seafood market and café offers a variety of freshly caught fish, including options for fish and chips. Their commitment to sustainability and quality ensures a top-notch dining experience.

  3. Barb's Fish & Chips: Located in Fisherman's Wharf, Barb's is a local favorite known for its generous portions of crispy fish and hand-cut fries. The casual outdoor seating provides beautiful views of the harbor.

  4. Fishhook: While primarily known for its seafood tacos, Fishhook also serves outstanding fish and chips. Their version features crispy battered fish accompanied by hand-cut fries and house-made tartar sauce.

  5. Floyd's Diner: This quirky diner offers a fun and eclectic atmosphere along with their delicious fish and chips. It's a great spot to enjoy a hearty meal in a lively setting.

  6. The Snug Pub: Tucked away in the Oak Bay area, The Snug Pub serves classic pub fare, including tasty fish and chips. The cozy interior and friendly atmosphere make it a popular choice among locals.

  7. John's Place: While not exclusively a seafood restaurant, John's Place is known for its diverse menu and hearty portions. Their fish and chips are a standout dish, featuring crispy battered fish and perfectly cooked fries.

  8. Fish on Fifth: This seafood-centric restaurant in Sidney is highly regarded for its fish and chips. They offer a variety of fish options, including halibut, cod, and salmon, all served with crispy fries and house-made tartar sauce.

  9. The Surly Mermaid Restaurant: Located in the heart of Sidney, The Surly Mermaid offers a cozy atmosphere and delicious seafood dishes, including their popular fish and chips. The fish is fresh, the batter is crispy, and the portions are generous.

  10. Sea Glass Waterfront Grill: Situated at the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa, Sea Glass offers upscale dining with beautiful views of the ocean. Their fish and chips feature locally sourced fish and are served with a gourmet twist.

  11. Beacon Landing Restaurant & Lounge: With its waterfront location and laid-back vibe, Beacon Landing is a popular spot for enjoying seafood in Sidney. Their fish and chips are highly rated by locals and visitors alike for their freshness and flavour.

    These are just a few options to consider, but Victoria & Sidney boasts many more excellent seafood restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best fish and chips on the West Coast.

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