Sooke's First Modular Affordable Housing 

Nearly completed and long awaited, this beautiful complex built by NRB Modular Solutions boasts a 4 storey, 75 unit project located at 2170 Charters Road is the first example of modular methods where the homes are guilt off site. 

Sooke BC modular homes project - NRB modular solutions
This project began construction last February 2021. The project is in a partnership between the M’akola Housing Society, BC province, federal government and the Capital Regional District. BC Housing used the modular built method as a cost effective way to provided very much needed affordable housing and to build quickly. This method also helps to prevent less waste compared to traditional construction methods. Once the pre-built homes are finished, they are transported to the site, stacked on top of each other and onto a floating foundation. When completed, this project will offer studio, and one to three bedroom homes for individuals with low to moderate incomes.  

NRB modular Solutions modular low income housing
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The 5 main reasons and benefits for modular construction: Rod Graham describes in this video
1) Cost certainty 
2) Time table certainty
3) Quality certainty 
4) Sustainability 
5) Safety

A time lapse video of a modular construction in Grand Forks, BC:

Hotel project in Revelstoke BC 

Credits: & NRB Modular Solutions 

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